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There has been this wonderful resurgence of Gen X interest in the last few months. While there is not much newsworthy on the Gen X home front, there are some fun things to report.

First, I wanted to thank all you newcomers for signing up to the mailing list and welcome! Thanks also for your support.

The good news about Gen X is you can now get it on your iPad, iPod, iPhone by downloading from the iTunes store. CLICK HERE FOR GEN X on iTunes. Much obliged!

Gen X’s follow up is still in the works but it’s difficult to write for a living and work on a novel. It also difficult to do the self-promotion necessary to get the word out. Hopefully I can count on readers like you to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, tell your mama, your aunt, your cousins…..EVERYONE. Leave reviews on iTunes and Amazon too!

I sent a copy of the book to my favoritist director, Kevin Smith. He must be busy too cuz he hasn’t called yet.

To all fans of Gen X - keep coming back and letting me know what’s good!

Thanks to Jodi for giving me the opportunity to interview with her. It was a lot of fun. Here is a little excerpt from the interview. To read more, click on the link to connect with the Schuylkill Vision Blog.

Meet Gen X
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Last weekend at the Black Diamond Writer’s Network the monthly speaker was Tisha Tolar. Tisha is a freelance writer and co-owner of Trifecta Strategies , a writing and content management company that specializes in articles, blogs, ebooks, web content, and marketing materials. She graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and worked as an administrative assistant and band manager before starting her own business. She encourages other moms to work for themselves at Empowering Mom Blog . In her free time she coaches her daughter’s soccer team and is a Brownie leader. And somewhere along the way she wrote a novel, Gen X. That’s what she’s here to tell us about today.

VISION: First, let’s start with the story of Gen X. Tell us what you novel is about.

TISHA: Funny enough, this is my least favorite question for some reason. Essentially, Gen is a girl in her twenties looking to make a career managing actors. It turns out that her best friend and roommate is a pretty great standup comedian and by chance, he gets up on stage one night at a local Philadelphia club and gets discovered. This opens the door for Gen to realize her career dreams in California and also learn about the true feelings of her friend…feelings she has also harbored for quite some time. They leave on a whirlwind comedy tour but do not get very far when all h*** breaks loose, leaving Gen right back where she started from.

The novel is best described as chic-lit. I have to say though that several men (many I don’t even know personally) who don’t even read outside of the sport’s column have raved about the book. It is the kind of fast-paced story I like to read. I wanted it to be realistic to people my age because I dislike when books seem fake in dialogue and scenarios. I wanted to make a book I would love to read. I think I did well for the first time out.

VISION: Tell us the truth–are you(or a little part of you)the main character Gen X?

TISHA: This is the most popular question. The truth is there is some non-fiction in the book, reminiscent of my twenties but the majority of the book is indeed fiction. I started with one idea and as I wrote, I had no idea what was going to happen. It, in essence, wrote a lot of itself. I LOVE comedy. I have a great sense of humor and appreciate those who are witty. I guess that is why I used a comedian in my book.

There are some parts of the book that are me but it was more fun thinking about the ‘what if’s’ of my past. I wish I was brave enough to get up on stage and crack jokes. But I really did want to be behind-the-scenes in entertainment. I really did go to school for artist management. A long time ago I worked with new bands. Some of which have turned out to be major award winning stars. After some time spent in that arena, I decided it wasn’t really for me. But I did have fun while it lasted.

Click To Read Entire Interview

Roller Coaster Review at junkdrawer67

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of reading a ‘Gen X’ review - mostly because the holidays made life nuts and allowed little time to promote the book. (Another reason is because after taking the time and expense to send books to potential reviewers - I never hear from them again. Such is the world of self-publishing.)

This bright and sunny morning when I opened my inbox and found a review alert, I was realllllllllly excited to see what was going to be said. I have always loved to hear what people say about Gen X (especially cuz it is usually good stuff) but I am just as excited to hear the bad stuff. I want to know what isn’t working just as much as I want to know what is.

So after answering my daughter’s 899 questions that just happen to come to her as I was sitting down to read the review, I dug in to what was said. My heart was pumping, my brain was waving….’mom can I have another piece of paper?‘…I was waiting for the shoe to drop about how bad the book was………but there was no shoe! The book passed muster of another blogger! A dear, kind-hearted MALE blogger converted from a non-believing, non-chic lit reader to a ‘Gen X’ cheerleader!

My job here is done. Read the AWESOMEST review by junkdrawer67. And if you do - leave a comment and let him know you are out there! Thanks Chris! You rock!! Even if I can’t ever pronounce ‘junk drawer’ without it sounding like ‘drunk drawer’. I’ll be glad to promote the site!!

The Black Diamond Writers Network has invited me to speak at the upcoming February 20th meeting. I will be discussing my work as a non-fiction online writer by day and how it relates to writing fiction and finding success.

I attended January’s meeting just to see what it was all about. I have to admit I was beyond surprised at how much of an amazing time I had. I met so many great people in two hours time. Not only that, but I walked away feeling so motivated and full of ideas. The BDWN is a must for local writers! In fact, they are having a conference - Write It Right - on April 17, 2010 which I can not wait to attend.

I am honored to be able to speak to such a great group of people. The first few meetings are free and open to the public if you are not sure you want to join so come check it out!

Read the local press about the meeting.


‘Gen X’ Now on Facebook

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We are working hard to increase our exposure and get the word out to more people about ‘Gen X’. While we have been getting some great reviews, we are also trying to increase our fan base so the big dogs will start paying attention.

If you have a Facebook page, become a fan of Gen X then tell your friends to do the same.

If you have read ‘Gen X’, you can certainly help our cause by creating your own review on Amazon.com - don’t forget the 5-star rating!

Thanks to each of you for your continued support. 5000 is the magic number for the big dogs to pay attention so let’s go sell some books!!

Happy New Year!

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Thanks to all of you for your support of ‘Gen X’ in 2009. I am looking forward to the new year and hope you are too! Don’t forget to set goals and reach for the stars! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

Gen X Merchandise Now ON SALE!

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Thanks to the wonderful technology of this world, I am happy to say that through Cafe Press, I have been able to create some cool ‘Gen X’ products for sale.  I am positive you’ll find something you’ll love to buy for yourself or for that special someone on your holiday shopping list!

Visit my store Tisha’s Thots & Things to check out the ‘Gen X’ merchandise and stay tuned for some other cool ideas we come up with here at Gen central!

Don’t forget to get some extra copies of ‘Gen X’ for the holidays. Any reader who loves a good chic book will love you more if you present them with a copy of ‘Gen X’.

The Christmas season is about joy and hope….so I truly HOPE you all enJOY reading about Gen, Jared, and friends!!

Let everyone know where to go: Gen X is for sale now at Amazon! Go there now and pick up some other cool things you need on your Christmas shopping list.

PLEASE remember to leave a rating and review to make ‘Gen X’ more accessible to other readers!

Special Shout-Out to Mavie, the Bookologist for the incredible (and fast!) review of Gen X. The review was pretty awesome and she was even kind enough to include an interview of yours truly!

I really appreciate the support and hope all my followers will check out the Bookologist regularly!

Rock on, Mavie - oh Queen of Swag!

Excerpt from the Bookologist review:

Gen X was a refreshing debut novel full of unforgettable surprises and humorous writing. It had a great balance of romance and drama. Tisha wrote in a realistic tone which didn’t make the romance cheesy.

I was intrigued by the first page and was quickly engulfed in Gen’s life. Her character was my favorite because she was real, sarcastic and her life was nothing but boring. Tisha also did a great job bringing Gen’s turbulent experiences to life which moved me emotionally. Their were times where I was laughing and then frowning.  READ MORE HERE

Tisha Kulak-Tolar will be appear at the Family Reading Festival sponsored by the Pottsville Republican newspaper on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville, PA.  The Family Reading Festival runs from 11am-3pm and features 20 local authors who will be signing their books. A good majority of the authors have penned children’s books and local schools are invited to join in the day’s activities centered around reading and literacy.

Tisha will be located at Table 1, right outside Boscov’s Department store. She has lots of treats for kids, including a reading basket giveaway. Adults who purchase a copy of Gen X will also be entered to win a $20 gift certificate from Waldenbooks/Borders.

It looks like a great time. For those of you who are local, please come out and meet the area’s authors and pick up some excellent ideas for Christmas gifts this year!

See You There,

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